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Welcome to Live Well Affiliate!

This is home to two (2) world-travelling, youthful, life-loving and committed Caribbean women – Cassi, a Baby Boomer Dragon Gemini preparing to transition into being a full-time Digital Entrepreneur/Writer/Photographer and, Zafi, a Generation Alpha Tiger Aquarian who has already found her life passion in the realm of dance and music. Together, we discovered Affiliate Marketing and now enjoy building and growing our lives full of genuine community, learning, support, networking and earning – on our terms and at our leisure.

We Live Well and we want to share our experiences with you and support you on your digital journey.

If you want to Live Well, this is the place to be.

Journey with us!

How Live Well Affiliate Was Born

The concept for Live Well Affiliate was envisioned over twenty-five (25) years ago. I did not know it then but everything I was experiencing from that time would profoundly impact how I lived my life. My life was in turmoil and falling apart and I was struggling to hold it together. When the burden became too heavy, I threw my hands in the air and literally allowed my life to fall to pieces. I left my family, my home, my country – everything I knew – and I travelled to a different hemisphere. Everything that I was once familiar with had changed.

This was not the first time that I had gone through this life process but this time, I did it for me. The journey was not an easy one. Along the way though I have learned so much about truly living well that I often reflect and wonder what I was doing in the years prior to that self-inflicted decision. Nothing happens before its time though and I have come to appreciate the saying: “When the Student is ready, the Teacher appears.”

Living ‘Down Under’ in New Zealand for the first three (3) of the last twenty-five (25) years opened my eyes to what it means to Live Well. I learned Yoga, Meditation, how to eat to nurture, heal and be healthy, how to understand people and their experiences, how to share, how to receive, how to appreciate my culture and my life and most importantly, how to love.

We cannot Live Well without love.

Our Vision At Live Well Affiliate

Our Vision at Live Well Affiliate is simple: We want to see you Live Well. That’s it! No complicated or hidden agenda. Live Well Affiliate is about you – your journey towards a better life experience. The journey towards a life lived well is more often than not a challenging one. At the heart of those challenges is finding and owning the power and resources to actually Live Well.

  • You may know that you want to make changes in your life but where do you go?
  • Who is out there to genuinely support and guide you?
  • How do you earn the money to invest in the life you seek?

The last question is by far the most common reason for most of us not making the effort to embark on the journey – money. Life Well Affiliate facilitates your journey – from very little to as much as you are prepared to work towards. Your initial investments are few:

  • internet access
  • a computer
  • interesting in writing
  • the ability to communicate and support community members along their journey
  • a passionate desire to succeed
  • time to learn and invest

From this starting point, you can go anywhere your heart desires, once you are prepared to put in the effort required. This is not an overnight success promise. Rather, it is a commitment from us to support you as you learn to Live Well.

The Purpose Of Our Website

To provide you with ALL the tools, resources and support that you need to begin your journey as a Digital Entrepreneur. As Affiliate Trainers and Marketers we are able to support you wherever in the world you are. We want this one online resource, Live Well Affiliate, to become your home and your place to learn, network, build, grow and earn.

When our Live Well journey started almost twenty-five (25) years ago, we did not know anything about Affiliate Marketing or being a Digital Entrepreneur. It was last year, in 2019, that we stumbled upon the tools and resources to establish our online presence. In just under for (4) months, we now have two (2) online businesses and four (4) others in the design stage for launching over the next twelve (12) months. We have moved from the rigour and confinement of the 8-4, traditional rut to working, learning and earning on our terms and, we can do that from anywhere in the world that we want to!

We Live Well. There is light at the end of the tunnel and that light can shine over you and help you Live Well!

We are always here to lend a hand and answer any questions that you may have. Feel free to leave your questions and/or comments below and we will be more than happy to help you out.

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Cassi of Troy & Zafi


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6 thoughts on “About Live Well Affiliate”

  1. An encouraging and interesting approach to make a life-changing decision for yourself. From your description of your life experience, you certainly have learned the hard way about what matters in life.

    Your motto reflects very well your intent with your mission and the website and should be a motto to follow for all of us.

    • Roy,

      It is such an honour to have you visit Live Well Affiliate and get to know us better.
      I believe that anything worthwhile in life deserves to be done differently and as best as you can.
      At times that means leaving behind what you know and stepping into the arena that beckons.
      Fear may be present but courage should be your leader.
      That is after all, how we stretch and grow.

      Thank you for your kind sentiments and for your support.
      I look forward to travelling this journey supporting each other.


  2. I absolutely love this, everything you say here Resonates with my life experience and also my purpose.
    Can’t wait to see what else you are doing here.
    Thank you for the invitation 💖

    • Jodie, thank you so very much for stopping by and for sharing your thoughts.

      It is our pleasure to have join us with such an engaging New Zealand spirit. 🙂

      We look forward to having you here again soon.

      Keep safe and well.


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